Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jonathan Thedford based?

Jonathan Thedford is based in Chicago, Illinois. This is where Atelier services are produced.

Do you do personalization to your products?

Yes, on many of our products personalization options are available, if you have any questions regarding personalization feel free to email us at [email protected] 

Does Jonathan Thedford do custom pieces?

Yes we do, our Atelier services are live, and we are willing to try any new projects!

Does Jonathan Thedford offer a guarantee / warranty?

Product guarantee / warranty is given on an individual basis & creation of your product, please email us for more information. 

Where do you ship/deliver to?

We ship all across the United States of America, currently we do not offer international shipping.

Are you willing to work with other companies/collaborate?

Of course! Jonathan Thedford is always willing to collaborate with other high fashion brands. Any question please email us at [email protected]